Success is in the details. Just ask our customers.


With Reliable Brand®, I know I’m getting quality products. Our employees appreciate that it’s easy to keep the bathrooms stocked. And we feel like we’re taking better care of both our employees and our customers.

— Bob Pastucha, Facilities, Mahanoy Area School District

There's something to be said for knowing that no matter what product you order, its going to be good quality. And with Reliable Brand®, I'm sure of that. Even if we decide to order something new, or in a different size or scent, I am confident in what we’ll get.  And that’s important to keeping our customers satisfied.

— Peter Rivera, New Hope-Solebury School District
Simplicity of the Product Line

I appreciate the simplicity of the product line. Take the can liners — I don't have to sift through hundreds of can liners in the product catalog just to find the  sizes I need. It’s easy to order products. And because of that, I have been able to shift ordering responsibility to one of my staff.

— Bonnie Howard, Fusion Performance Marketing

We switched to Reliable Brand® initially to save money. We keep using it because the products work well and the we can get everything we need from one source.

— Fred Perazzelli, Business Manager, St. Mark School

I appreciate that the Reliable Brand® prices remain consistent, and are a bit less expensive than other brands while still being quality products. The products fit my budget and help us keep the facilities in great shape.

— Debbie Mayberry, President, QES Solutions, Inc.
National Distribution/Reliability/Consistency

We wanted to work with a vendor who could be counted on to deliver time and again. I can honestly say, that in the years we've worked with Reliable Brand®, we've never had a problem.

— Mark Stavalone, VP, Phoenix Graphics, Inc.
Facility Advisors/People

Professionalism and knowledge. That's why I prefer to work with Reliable Brand®. Our facility advisor truly understands our needs, is available to answer questions, and genuinely cares about how satisfied we are with the products. And that makes my job easier. I found their sales staff to be insightful. The facility advisor took the time to understand what we needed, what our budget was, and even gave us some ideas on how to be more efficient and more green.

— Dan Grozenski, Facilities Director, Heritage Christian School