Research shows that the cleanliness of your facility impacts employee morale and whether customers decide to return.

Based on market research, a positive restroom experience is most affected by the overall cleanliness of the facility.

What makes a positive restroom experience?
Fully Stocked 45%
Smell 28%
Hands-Free 12%
Functioning Dispensers 10%
Quality of Supplies 4%
Sustainable "Green" Supplies 1%
Brand of Supplies 0%

Only Reliable Brand® combines all these factors into one solution.

Respondents agreed that a clean restroom reflects how much a company cares for and appreciates their employees.

86% of respondents prefer using paper towels over hand dryers.

An unpleasant smell may completely alter a user's impression of the overall facility. More than 70% of businesses receive complaints about the cleanliness of their restrooms due to odor.

65% admitted to being upset if an establishment's restrooms were out of essential products. 17% are not likely to return.

94% of respondents said they are unwilling to return to an establishment if the restrooms are unsanitary.