Having the products people need when they need them makes a positive impression.

So Reliable Brand® makes it easy to order and keep your supplies stocked.

"Just give me what I need — there's no need to complicate things."

  • Towels & Tissues

    The number one way to make a positive restroom impression? Availability of supplies.

    Keeping restrooms well stocked is the most important factor to create a positive experience — far more important than product quality, sustainability and even brand. In fact, 65% of survey responders are admittedly upset if a facility’s restrooms are out of essential products, and 17% may never come back.

    Reliable Brand® products are stocked in a national network of distribution centers, ensuring that the supply of the products is as reliable as the products themselves.

  • Can Liners

    Did you know there are only 23 sizes and types of waste receptacles, yet there are more than 1,400 can liners on the market? That’s 60 liners to every receptacle. That math doesn’t add up.

    Reliable Brand® presents a straightforward approach by offering the most common sizes and styles of can liners to meet the most common waste management needs.

    This simplified method delivers savings through product consolidation, source reduction and lowest total cost.